About istanbul street food


Istanbul is one the world’s largest, most vibrant, bustling, and most importantly delicious cities. It is a city in which the simple pleasures of living are constantly celebrated, and what better simple pleasure than eating delicious food? A goldmine of tastiness, Istanbul’s best culinary assets can be found on its very own streets. 

Döner Kebab is one of the most popular and recognizable Turkish street food – it is made of lamb and beef or chicken cooked on a vertical rotisserie. Seasoned and marinated meat is stacked in the shape of an inverted cone, sliced vertically into thin shavings once cooked. It is always widely known by its Arabic name “shawarma” (from the Turkish word cevirme).

Pide (pronounced pee-dE) is the homegrown, Turkish version of a pizza. Imagine a boat-shaped flatbread with edges folded slightly over for a delicious crunchy crust. This warm doughy dish, paired with the essential Turkish kaşar cheese and other variety of toppings is sure to fill you up and keep you wanting more! 



The Turkish take on the ultimate baked potato. The potato is perfectly cooked and then split down the middle and mixed with some butter and Turkish kaşar cheese. Once this base is prepared, it is topped with a variety of toppings. For ultimate taste, however, it is recommended to stick to at most 6-7 toppings. 

Lahmacun is a simple meal, made of thin dough topped with minced meat, onions, peppers, tomatoes, parsley, and spices. It is served with a side of greens and wedge of lemon for garnish. You will typically find locals topping the lahmacun with the greens, squeezing some lemon juice onto the garnish, and rolling it into a wrap. If you ask us or any other Turk for that matter, it is best paired with a nice glass of cold Ayran (savory yogurt-based drink).